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Massachusetts State Forensic Lab (MSFL)
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Tel: (339) 555-1971
FAX: (339) 555-1981
email: aweiss@msfl.state.ma.us


Director: Dr. Arica Weiss [aricamuse], Forensic Anthropologist

Assistant to the Director: Nadine Travis, MS Anthropology

Interim Assistant Director: Dr. Tom Anderson, Senior Forensic Chemist

Senior Forensic Pathologist: Dr. Michael Whitmore

Firearm and Toolmark Examiner: Aimee Davis

Latent Fingerprinting Specialist: Emily Barr

Photo Technician: Luke Holmes

Head of Serology/DNA: Dr. Richard O'Neal

Head of Toxicology: Dr. James Tyler

Head of Trace: Zach Innis

Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL community profile created for the pups in various roleplaying games. It is NOT real. All information is FAKE. The people above do not exist. Please enjoy.