Arica Weiss (aricamuse) wrote in forensic_lab,
Arica Weiss

New Assistant Director

Arica stopped at the door of the Chemistry lab, hearing her Senior Forensic Chemist Tom Anderson, in full instruction mode. She smirked. Tom was a really good guy, down to earth and fairly normal, but when it came to chemistry, he could go on for hours. The other lab techs were listening intently, some jotting down a few notes.

One of the few differences in moving to Boston was that she no longer taught undergraduate students, something she did miss. However, the graduate students they got were very good. They had the knowledge to do the work and just needed experience before either applying for a doctoral program or continuing their work here or elsewhere, depending on their specific area within the forensic sciences.

The one thing the lab currently lacked was an Assistant Director and given that Arica was planning to be on sabbatical for a while, she needed to choose. Dr. Michael Whitmore, the head of forensic pathology wanted the position desperately. He was one of those people who knows just how good they are and in some ways, felt he deserved the position. The pathology department was the largest and carried a lot of weight in the lab. However, Tom actually had seniority.

She stepped inside the lab as Tom finished and sent everyone back to work. "Hi Arica. I didn't expect to see you here today."

"Richard had something he needed to show me, so I thought I'd stop by."

"No, you're here because you want to give me the Assistant Director position." He raised an eyebrow, looking at her. "I'm not looking for it. Dr. Whitmore wants it."

Arica said. "I trust you to run the lab while I'm on sabbatical."

"I'm not going to win this am I?" he asked, running a hand through his hair. "Whitmore will be pissed off y'know."

"If you really don't want to do it Tom, I'm not going to make you. But I'd really like it if you at least took the job until I get back. As for Whitmore, well, it's my decision."

Tom hesitated. "Alright, but only until you get back. Then you have to find someone else."

Arica smirked. This had been far too easy and the look on his face told her everything. "So who squealed and gave you a heads up?"

He shrugged. "I have my ways. Besides, your assistant is dating one of my techs, so gossip, I suspect, will get around."
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